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Outdoor Classrooms

At CCMCDC, we value outdoor play as an integral part of our curriculum. We see our outdoor spaces as an extenstion of our classroom experiences. Outdoor play provides rich sensory experiences and opportunities to explore nature and science in a hands-on way. Every season provides unique opportunities to explore the environment and the observe the changes around us. Because of that, you will often find our classes taking walks, experimenting with loose parts outdoor, and getting messy with mud play. This year we also established a schoolyard garden!

CCMCDC Toddler Playground.jpg
CCMCDC Preschool Playground Climbing Logs.jpeg
CCMCDC Pre-K Playground Loose Parts Mud Kitchen.jpeg
CCMCDC Schoolyard Garden.jpeg
CCMCDC Preschool Playground Climbing Tires.jpg
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